Eye Examinations

We offer comprehensive eye examinations for private and NHS patients of all ages.  Each examination is allocated 45mins on our clinical diary and is tailored to the needs / requirements of each patient. 
Complimentary retinal scanning is included with all private examiantions.

Colorimetry / Irlen Syndrome / Visual Stress

We offer diagnostic examiantions for visual stress syndrome, also known as Mear-Irlen syndrome. Innitial 


The Intuitive Colorimeter was designed by Professor Arnold Wilkins at the British Medical Research Council in 1993.The discovery of the underlying photosensitive condition of Visual Stress had not previously been recognised by vision professionals as a problem that could prevent learning, and that required diagnosis and treatment. The Intuitive Colorimeter was scientifically designed to present sequentially the colours in colour space, thereby allowing the patient to swiftly identify the precision colour to best alleviate their symptoms.

We are proud owners of the latest Intuitive Colorimeter. 

Specialist Dry Eye & Blepharitis Assessment  & Treatment
Our practice is fully equipped with the latest technology to aid diagnosis , management and treatment of Dry Eye Disease (DED) and Blepharitis. Tearlab™ technology allows us to assess the quality of your tears, results of which will provide the basis in designing a treatment plan for Dry Eye Disease. Our clinicians may choose to use a Blephex™ machine in treating Blepharitis and various other clinical tools to aid the expression of the Meibomian gland in the case of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction.

Contact Lenses
As a fully independent optician, we have access to all manufacturers of contact lenses for soft and RGP lenses. We can even order tailor-made soft lenses, manufactured for each individual eye from our measurements.We are happy to see patients who are considering contact lenses wear for the first time, regardless of their age. We are also happy to provide follow – up appointments for those who get their lenses from other establishments.